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Newsletter October 2, 2014

Workshop program for 2015:

The Exhibition in Wesley Seminary is over and the last workshop of the year 2014 is over too, - it's time for a new program! 

FIRST : Changing the costs: We have dropped down the costs of all the new courses - about 10 % less.
See the details below:

SECOND: Little Schedule change... We cancel both January True Fresco courses in Melbourne (the refunds to be issued in the  nearest time) and launch one 5-days Icon Painting Workshop (27-31st of January 2015) instead.

We do it because the Advanced Course for professionals is almost full, so we add a different one with mosaic of The Mother of God Orant as a model.

We make plans for our workshops in USA and Canada for 2015. Most likely all of them are going to  be organized in spring 2015.

Here are the first two 5-day long workshops, one in USA and one in Canada:
  • March 30 - April 3: Saint Mary's City MD (USA) (icon of Mandylion) >>
  • April 6 - 10: Calgary (CANADA) (Subject - image of the Mother of God Orant) >>
  • April 13 - 17: San Diego (USA) (Subject - image of the Mother of God Orant) >>

More workshops  in the USA to be announced  in the nearest days!

New Icons Published:


FOURTH: Christmas is approaching and we decided to upload some photos of our works to make Postcards!
For now we have only 5, but hope to add more soon.
Hope you may like them!

More news in the nearest future!

With warmest regards,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova