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Newsletter Merry Christmas 2014!

The circle of the year is turning again on it's top and our trip, undertaken to bring the birth greetings to Our Lord, is almost over!

Here we come, with all our sorrows and achievements (outwardly so gigantic, but so little in real), and we hope to join Mary and Joseph in their joy! 
Merry Christmas, dearest friends! And may the light of Our Lord be always with you, - in your thoughts, in your hopes and in your everyday life!  Yours sincerely, Philip and Olga

And we happily share other recently published icons:
 Relief Icon The Holy Mandylion 2014  by Olga Shalamova   Icon of the Mother of God Petrovskaya. 2014  by Olga Shalamova  Icon of Annunciation 2013  by Olga Shalamova  The Crucifix. 2013  by Philip Davydov    The Mother Of God Feodorovskaya with selected saints: st. Spiridon, st. Olga, st. David of Garedja, st. Joakim, st. Anna, st. Symon the Myrrh-Giver, st. Luke Vojno-Yasenetsky. 2014  by OLga Shalamova  Icon of the Holy Family on a gray-blue background. 2014  by Philip Davydov  Portable Crucifix. 2007  by Philip Davydov
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As always, we are happy to hear from you!
With warmest regards,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova