The Latest Newsletter

25 January 2016

Dear friends,

This time we have three main news:

1. We have recently opened exhibition "Visions of Beauty - 2016" with images painted by Margaret Broadbent, Philip Davydov, Olga Shalamova, Peter Blackwood, Pauline Pervan, Alice Vaughan and other artists.

We have finished the Advanced Icon Painting Workshop in Melbourne (Australia) and begin publishing photographs on our Flickr account: 


2. Almost two weeks ago we have also made a decision to postpone our workshop in Calgary, planned for June 20-24 2016 and to dedicate this week to an Advanced Icon Painting Workshop in Seattle. 
We have been lucky enough to book a room in Gage Academy of Fine arts (place where we taught before) and get 5 people registered already.  

Advanced Icon Painting Workshop
Detailed description and a registration button can be found on a special  page of our web site: http://www.sacredmurals.com/icon-writing-course-seattle-wa.htm ,  please feel free to ask questions and make your comments. Currently we investigate different possibilities for housing in the area, as soon as we get any news, we will share them on the workshop page.

3. Besides, we have just received a letter from Wesley Seminary in Washington DC, they have also just launched a registration for our Icon Painting workshop, it is available at their website http://luceartsandreligion.org/2016-icon-workshop/

4. Sorry to delay it one more time, but in order to get Todor's Interview published in a good way, we have to spend some more time on polishing it. Now publish three more icons of Todor (See below) and hope very much the Interview will be ready in the first part of February.

Instead of the Interview we are publishing book, dedicated to the most famous iconographer of the middle of the 20th century - Juliania Sokolova translated by our friend Paul Stetsenko. The title is "Iconographer's Labour", - click here to download a PDF, or copy the address for direct access : http://sacredmurals.com/texts/the_iconographers_labor.pdf    (PDF file size is almost 11 Mb).
5. Three new photos of icons by Todor Mitrovic on our website:

And three latest Olga's icons: 

Yours sincerely,

Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova