Our Latest Newsletter

24th of July 2014

Advanced Workshops:Past&Future

Happy Summer for all the Northern countries! Warm and peaceful Winter for everybody in Australia!

This Newsletter is only about 2.5 things:

FIRST:  Photographs of our Advanced Course in Saint Mary's City:
Some days ago I had a wonderful opportunity and a great experience to teach an Advanced Icon Writing Workshop, painting 3 different types of faces using three different methods in 4 days. And sincerely, as myself, so all the 4 participants, - we all just loved the process and the results: http://www.sacredmurals.com/icon_writing_courses/advanced_icon_painting_course_in_saint_marys_city_2014_.html


Thus, I decided to make a similar Workshop for Professionals in New Brunswick (NJ) in the first days of Fall. 

So, if you have a desire and possibility to join our very small group for 4 days in September, I am honored to invite you to 
Advanced Icon Writing Workhop in New Brunswick NJ:

Wonderful housing possibility for this workshop- Rutgers Inn and Conference Centerat 178 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick NJ 08901 with early booking price starting from $75 for a double room.
Email: rutgersinn@docs.rutgers.edu

Website and description: http://ruicc.rutgers.edu/ >>

For booking better follow this link: http://stay.rutgers.edu

Please, email us if you have any questions or comments.

FINAL NEWS: We have launched a possibility to acquire our postcards:

The Print-On-Demand service (for Posters and Postcards) is provided by Fine Art America, - see the link at our website:  http://www.sacredmurals.com/available_postcards.html

For now we have only 7 images (including those from the Exhibition, besides, there are some Christmas cards - just as an idea.

P.S. Our exhibition in DC continues, but will be closed between the August 1st  - 25st for technical maintenance.

Next Artist's Talk - 
Tuesday, September 16, 12:00 1:30 p.m. (buffet lunch)
Closing: 19th of September 2014

Looking forward to hear your responses!

Please, share your ideas and thoughts, considerations and critique!
Call +1 914 374 0151 or email : phildavydov@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova
P.S. As always, we are open for new projects and seek new possibilities. Feel free to share your proposals, insights and questions!