The Latest Newsletter

20th of November 2015

I think we have had too much text last time and too few images. This time I am making it opposite! Ta-daam! - words - go �and hide!!�

1. Our exhibition in VTS is over. It was great, and we are endlessly grateful to VTS for this opportunity! The Catalogue of the exhibition is available now for downloading for $10.

Click the image below to see 34 photos:

2. We have added more Models for Icons:
� created an album with 111 images of the Nativity of Christ with details
� added some to the Holy Mandylion album
Click it!
Models for Icons - Images of Christmas

3. Announcing our next exhibition in Melbourne (Australia): Visions of Beauty 2016

Opening in the evening of the first day of the workshops on Monday January 18�at 17-30.

Exhibition of icons and other spiritual images in ACU, Melbourne

4.�Added two valuable links to our Link Page:

I. The Glory of Byzantium. Digital version of a great book, for free directly from the editor - the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY: http://libmma.contentdm.oclc.org....

II. Numerous Photos of Icons from Mount Sinai. Available on the website of Princeton and made in expeditions by scholars from Princeton University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Alexandria (USA):

5.�Added 2 new icons:�the Mother of God by Olga Shalamova:

Contemporary Icon of the Mother of God Petrovskaya by Olga Shalamova

and Annunciation by Philip Davydov:

Modern Icon of Annunciation by Philip Davydov


This is all for now...
The interview with Todor Mitrovic is being edited with a great care - to be oublished soon! And please, pray for Todor's father Milenko, who has recently passed away.

To be continued............................................

With warmest regards,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova