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Newsletter 15th of May 2014

One more Newsletter almost immediately after the previous one. It never happened before and I daubt if it may happen again.

But - I discovered that there were some news I did not mention in our latest Newsletter and one serious change:

We decided to transform the earliest course of this summer, which is going to be in Richmond VA, to the Advanced level Course. Actually, it is going to be organized in the same way, as in San Diego (first day and a half - training in egg-tempera and drawing).

Now I am preparing the program and lectures and feel sure this course will be a good one! So....

FIRST:  The Course in Richmond is now Advanced! - see the description and possibilities for registration >>.

SECOND: Newest version of an ARTICLE, published previously by Fr. Silouan (On the Gift of Art)  - http://www.orthodoxartsjournal.org/on-the-gift-of-art-but-what-art-2/

THIRD: Three Relief Images were posted to the appropriate page of our website, - have a look:

Relief icon Jesus Christ Meets Mary Magdalene
by Olga Shalamova
April-May 2014

Decorative Cross #1
by Olga Shalamova May 2014

Decorative Cross #2
by Olga Shalamova May 2014

More later!

Looking forward to hear your responses!
Pplease, share your ideas and thoughts, considerations and critique! Email us - phildaydov@gmail.com !

Yours sincerely,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova

P.S. Please, inform us how would you think we might improve, and of course - if you have any questions!