Newsletter 13th of May 2014

Dearest friend and collegue!,

We are happy to share our latest news, this time they are unusually VERBAL:

With Philip and Olga, published by Orthodox Arts Journal: http://www.orthodoxartsjournal.org/a-living-tradition-of-icon-painting/
It was mostly translated by Philip Davydov, (sorry for the russian english) and corrected by the editors of the Journal. Hope you like it.

Just some days before the interview I have finished my first an article in English (with a great help of Fr. John Ball and Paul Stetsenko). It may seem radical, but the idea was very simple, - to speak about thenecessity to avoid the decoration, made just  for decoration sake... Here it is - at our website: http://sacredmurals.com/texts/why_decorate_a_church.htm

This year our course schedule is all really tormented and very challenging.
Registrations for the Advanced Course in Melbourne (Australia) demonstrated an unbelievable level of activity during last 3 weeks. And generally speaking we discovered, that the ADVANCED COURSES are the most requested ones!

1. So, we change the course, scheduled for San Diego in September to Advanced Icon Painting Course for San Diego (LA, USA)). See the description and register >>

2. We finally make an official announcement of our True Fresco Course in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) (September 2014, Saint Mary's University College). See the description and register >>

In the nearest time we may have to cancel some of our June-July courses due to the lack of participants.

That means, if you or some of your friends planned to sign to any of our june-july courses, this is the last call. And it is very likely that the next year schedule may change substantially. Now we analyze all the variety of possibilities for changes, considering different institutions and forms of education...

Only two latest icons for publishing, both at the "Available Icons " section:

The Mother of God Igorevskaja by Olga Shalamova
May 2014

The Mother of God Igorevskaja by Philip Davydov
May 2014

More later!

Looking forward to hear your responses!
Pplease, share your ideas and thoughts, considerations and critique! Email us - phildaydov@gmail.com !

Yours sincerely,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova

P.S. Please, inform us how would you think we might improve, and of course - if you have any questions!