We accept commissions for icons and frescoes.

To acquire any one of our AVAILABLE ICONS, please inform us about your choice.
You can do it either by phone: +1 914 556 5763 in USA and +7 981 812 42 00 in Russia
or by email and we will be happy to provide all the information, - price, size and other characteristics.

If you wish to commission a NEW ICON OR FRESCO, see what we have done by the moment in our Icon Galleries, in our Mural Gallery and inform us about your wishes and preferences by phone (see above) or email.

By 2014 Sacred Murals Studio produced some true fresco paintings and more then two houndreds of icons, which are now in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, Singapoure, USA, and other countries.

For icons and frescoes we use only natural materials and traditional painting technologies, approved by centuries, so we give lifetime warranty for our work.

Our Price Policy:

We have 3 different ways of calculating price of our icons or frescoes:

First - when someone is asking us a direct question, indicating subject, size and desired amount of gilding (whole background / only halo and some details / only few details / no gold at all). In this case we can easily indicate an approximately average price for this kind of work and take it as a commission.

Second, - when we have periods of freedom between courses and commissions and we can afford spending as much time for our visual researches as needed. To complete such an icon or fresco it may take as some days so some months, and because of the time and the efforts, spent for the investigations, these images have very individual prices.

For example, the icons at the Exhibition in Wesley Seminary were made as this kind of researches for new possibilities and their prices are very different.

And the Third situation is when someone says, - folks, - I really like what you do! I want to order something similar to that particular image for my church, and I have this concrete amount of money (or almost no money, this also happens). Then we say, well - we are happy to make an icon for your church, but we do not promise this order to be done immediately. It may take several months (or years) to find enough time to complete it, but we promise we make it and we make it.

As an example of this kind of work I would first of all recall icon Appearing of Christ to Holy Myrrhbearers (for the same name church in Saint Petersburg) and icon of Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg (made for a caritas project) - http://lumserve.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/icon-of-st-xenia-venerated-at-lum/

and http://www.jconline.com/story/news/2014/05/21/lum-co-founder-presents-icon/9401701/

Average Price of an Icon or Fresco Painting:

The cost of an icon usually depends on it's size, composition and amount of required gilding. Thus, a larger icon, with a complicated subject, realized on a gilded background would have a higher cost, and vice versa.

The pigments and plaster components for truefresco murals are comparatevely cheap, and the cost of one square meter of truefresco mural decoration therefore much lower, especially if we speak about large surfaces.

But before even getting started with any commission, we always ask our clients to tell us the most essential details about the future image (subject, size, etc.) and about the ambience in the church, where it is going to be. We need all this to make a detailed study of the area, so our image may become powerful focal point for the congregation, and at the same time not to bother the existing harmony of the interior.

Maybe one of the best examples of similar such a project can be our true fresco mural in New Saint John The Evangelist church in New Brunswick (NJ, USA) - http://sacredmurals.com/mural_gallery.html

The most important task for us is to make the new icon or fresco mural become natural part of the church sacred space, get integrated in the existing ensemble.

We accept payments with Paypal, USA bank checks and most common methods of money transfers.