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Newsletter 13th of March, 2015

Dear Friend,
Thank you very much for being our subscriber! We have got 3 news for you in this Newsletter:


We think that choosing proper models for the workshops is a very important part of teaching process. For a long time we have been discussing with Olga an idea of working with images, belonging to the Western Christian church tradition. Finally we decided to find one but it took almost 3 months to choose it.

Now we are happy to present you the 2 new types of workshops, planned for Melbourne (Australia) for January 2016:


1. Two Traditions of Painting The Faces
(East and West):
 18th - 22nd of January  2016

Location: Australian Catholic University (ACU) ART SPACE (26 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy)


Icon Painting Workshop. Subject: Icon of Christ Pantocrator.

2. Icon of Christ Pantocrator:
25th, 27th - 30th of January  2016

Location: Australian Catholic University (ACU) ART SPACE (26 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy)

As last year we had both groups full, it may be seen as a good reason to register early, - welcome. The groups are now limited to 10 students with one instructor and 15 (Here is the list of 2 workshops: http://www.sacredmurals.com/iconography_courses_workshops.html#tabs-3 ).
We look forward to hear your questions and comments.



Many days in  February and March were dedicated to sketches and researches for some future projects. Nevertheless we share these 3 new images, - 2 in egg tempera and one in relief gesso with egg tempera on top.  All of them are "clickable":

  Relief Icon Nativity of Christ  by Olga Shalamova. 2014-2015
Relief icon nativity of Christ
by Olga Shalamova
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  Icon of the Mother of God in a burning bush, prophet Moses and veneration of the snake. The area below gives the text of the Ten Commandments.  by Philip Davydov. 2015
Icon Mother of God in a Burning Bush and Moses the Prophet 
by Philip Davydov
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  COntemporary icon of Saint Nicholas
Icon of Saint Nicholas
by Philip Davydov
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This was also a project I have been wishing to start for years - to film the technical parts of the work and not to spend the precious time of the workshops for the basics...  
Well, here is our first experiment, but - really the first one with no voice or music, without any  explanations:


This is just the "first stone" to see, how is it going to work... Hope to re-shoot it soon and make a better version with more explanations :)

Let me know, what else, apart from varnishing and gessoing might be interesting to see on video?

More news in the future! 

With warmest regards,
Philip Davydov and OLga Shalamova